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Journal of 
Our journal is one of the top ten professional philosophical journals in the world. more>>

A new and exciting journal in Open Peer Commentary format. more>>

Membership of the Association is open to professional philosophers, and all interested persons. more >>

2020 AAP Conference will be hosted by

The University of Sydney, 5 - 9 July.

25th World Congress of Philosophy will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre July 2-10 2023 hosted by the AAP.

The decision to bring the World Congress to Melbourne was made at the General Assembly of FISP (the International Federation of Philosophy Associations), during the 24th World Congress of Philosophy, held in Beijing in August 2018.

The AAP wishes to express its appreciation to the Melbourne Convention Bureau -- and, in particular, to Marko Sanovic -- for support for the Melbourne bid. It also acknowledges the hard work of the members of the Local Organising Committee: Alan Hajek, Stuart Brock, Tan Sor Hoon, Karyn Lai, and Monima Chadha.

More details about WCP23 will be made available in the coming months.

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